Housing Rules ART Las Palmas by MUR Hotels, Las Palmas

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Housing Rules

Please leave the apartments and their furniture in the same conditions

Please leave the apartments and their furniture in the same conditions that you found them.

We would appreciate it if you turn off all appliances and lights every time you leave the apartment to minimize electricity consumption.

Garbage must be taken out every day and deposited in the public containers that are designated for it on the street.

Damages in the apartments: Those damages caused in the apartments by clear negligence or misuse will be borne by the guests. An estimated valuation will be made, it will be paid by the guest and the actual cost will be presented by email to the guest later, adjusting the appropriate amount.

The introduction into the rooms of furniture objects other than those usual and typical of a tourist will not be allowed.

The introduction into the rooms of electrical or gas appliances will not be allowed, with the sole exception of those for personal hygiene such as shavers, hair dryers, etc...

The stay of more people than those informed in the admission document by the client will not be admitted.


Do not flush wipes or feminine products down toilets. Use the bins that are available in the bathrooms for this purpose.


Remember that the building is located in a residential area and therefore all noise and activity that could disturb our neighbours is totally prohibited. We also have prohibited parties, celebrations, and the entrance of visits. After 9:00 p.m. we must respect the rest of our neighbours and clients of ART Las Palmas. We appreciate this attention with us and the rest of our clients/neighbours.


We appreciate the responsible use of water and recommend sustainable use. We suggest the use of bottled water for consumption, such as for soups, a tea or coffee. The tap water is not drinkable.


We offer free internet connection throughout the complex via Wi-Fi. You simply have to activate Wi-Fi on your device and select the artlaspalmas.com network. A window will open, where you must enter some personal information and the number of your apartment. After completing the form you can enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout your stay.


Use the balcony with consideration and responsibility. Do not throw objects. Hanging clothes over the glass railing is strictly prohibited. It is not allowed to place the clothesline on the balcony. Close all the windows and the terrace door every time you leave the apartment for your own safety and for the correct use of air conditioning. With the doors open the system does not work.


All apartments have a combination washer and dryer. Only use the washing machine if it is really necessary and when you have enough clothes to fully load the washing machine. Be careful not to overload the machine. To hang your clothes you can use the clotheslines provided inside the apartment.


Your stay includes the final cleaning of the apartment. Remember that you must leave the kitchen clean, collected and with the minimum of rubbish. If your stay is longer than 7 days, you will be cleaned in the middle of your stay, with a change of sheets. Towels are changed twice a week. If you want an additional cleaning, you can request it at the reception for €20 per day. If the guest leaves the apartment in an excessive state of disorder or dirt, caused by clear negligence, a charge of €50 will be made.


Water, soft drinks, snacks, chocolates or coffee... the vending machines (€), located on the ground floor, offer you various options for a snack to eat and drink.